What counts as ‘fibre’ – and why you should care what your connection is called

In our current context of constant change and disruption, digital transformation enabled by Internet connections has been a lifeline for many companies and entrepreneurs, helping them preserve livelihoods, careers, and businesses.

In 2019, South Africa exceeded 1.6 million fibre-to-the-home or fibre-to-the-building subscriptions, making our country a leader when it comes to Sub-Saharan Africa’s fibre uptake.

But with so many connectivity options on offer, it can be tricky to decipher what’s worth your money and what’s not, and what the different benefits are, noted Matthew Campbell, head of SME and FTTH at Seacom.

Most recently, providers have launched products with names like ‘AirFibre’, ‘LTE fibre’ or ‘wireless fibre’ as alternatives to cabled fibre, he said.

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