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OTN Systems – Open Transport Network

OTN Systems – Open Transport Network, provides a flexible private communication network based on fibre optic technology for mining, highways, airports and railway industries.

‘Open’ stands for the right interface to transport your data in your format. ‘Transport’, each application has its guaranteed bandwidth irrespective of the distance that needs to be bridged offering 100% quality of service. “Network’ is at the heart of operational continuity. Every second a network is down can cost a fortune which can jeopardise work force and endanger profitability. The network must be available under all circumstances, everywhere, at any time.

It permits all kinds of applications such as video images, different forms of speech and data traffic, information for process management and the like to be sent flawlessly and transparent over a practically unlimited distance.

OTN provides the right answers for network requirements whether its redundancy, simplicity or reliability. It caters for diverse environments from surface to underground. It is easy to maintain and installed in a straightforward and rapid manner.

With over 20 years’ experience, OTN Systems offer the latest technological advancements, product support and compatibility.

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