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Our staff are highly experienced in optic system/network design and configuration. We use an efficient consulting process to work out the optimal solution for you.

Conceptual System Design

We are equipped to design networks with not only cost saving in mind but also simplicity and ease of installation.

Detail System Design

The design of the system will address all aspects including route planning, signal losses and the installation method of the cabled network.


When applying multiple applications in the same network, the use of reliable backbone is essential. Backbone architecture equipment is very important as it should be able to accommodate various applications reliably.

Product Supply

We offer backbone networking equipment for the industrial market and use on the best quality products. We have a long list of reputable users.


Our technical staff is qualified in the installation and testing and complete optic networks. They are fully trained to carry out splicing and terminating of optic cables.


We are your one stop shop for design, fibre splicing, network configuration and testing providing high quality service from our highly skilled and trained technicians.

Quality Management

We believe in using only the best equipment to provide optimal service to our clients. Our equipment is serviced regularly to ensure accurate functioning.


We offer training to all our clients on the fields of Fibre and the OTN Product. Training can be done on-site or you could request an alternate venue.

System Support

We provide quality products and equipment along with continuous technical system support, design capabilities and installation support.

Project Management

Our dedicated project management team take responsibility for all project management and assist with the project from start to completion ensuring your experience with us is pleasurable.

Maintenance & Service

Our comprehensive package provides support and maintenance of all systems and equipment. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with exceptional service.

Optic Fibre Cables

We offer backbone networking equipment for the industrial market and use on the best quality products. Our fibre optic cables include Neo heavy duty duct optic fibre, neo heavy duty CST optic fibre, short span aerial optic fibre and short span aerials.

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