Using data and technology to reimagine transport

The response to Covid-19, both globally and more so in the UK, has been the perfect example of data-driven decision-making. Transport data formed a key part of this intelligence, with the monitoring of the movement of people and goods, and its impact of lockdown, being core to the Government’s daily briefings.

The last three months have seen an unparalleled real-time application of data-driven-decision making.  The basis of the UK Government’s response and action plan to tackle the Covid-19 crisis is like that of many other countries; it is built on scientific evidence and underpinned by the availability and analysis of extensive data. 

We have also seen a large increase in the penetration of digital services and the user acceptance of digital solutions. One example is how even farm shops have now started connecting to their customers through digital channels, and have pivoted their business models to ensure that they maintain customer touchpoints and expand their customer base.

The wide adoption of grocery delivery serves as a good reminder of how even some basic transactions have now moved to digital channels.

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