Fiber, Copper, or Wireless: Which Connection Is Best for Your Company?

Bandwidth, the speed at which you gain Internet access, is not something small business owners probably put much thought into. And that is a mindset worth changing.

The Internet now plays a substantial role in business, probably to the extent that we take it for granted.

Consider, for example, how extensively used a data-heavy function like video conferencing is, how often we access cloud-based apps, stream videos or download large files from a website. Your bandwidth is taxed for any of those high-demand activities. One video service recommends that you need 5.0 megabits per second, just to stream an HD video.

If multiple users on your network are streaming multiple videos, uploading large files or doing other high-demand tasks concurrently, the needs multiply. If you only have limited bandwidth such as a 20 megabit per second speed, you can see how quickly a few heavy demands on your Internet access can eat up your access and slow everything and everyone down.

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