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FLIR – Thermal Imaging Devices

FLIR was founded in 1978, originally providing infrared imaging systems that were installed on vehicles for use in conducting energy audits. Later expanding to other applications and markets for thermal imaging technology, such as stabilized thermal imaging cameras for law enforcement aircraft, radiometry devices for use in monitoring industrial systems, and thermal imaging systems for use in ground-based security and search and rescue. Today FLIR is one of the world leaders in the design, manufacture, and marketing of sensor systems that enhance perception and awareness for a wide variety of users in the commercial, industrial, and government markets.


The PTZ-35×140 is a versatile, dual fi eld of view thermal and visible imaging system that provides a high resolution thermal image with a 5° view nested inside a wider 20° view. This image presentation concept derived from human vision offers excellent situational awareness and long range threat detection, simultaneously. The system provides continuous levels of zoom between wide and narrow views. This advanced payload is packaged in a precision pan/tilt enclosure that will slew up to 120° per second. The system supports stand-alone or network operation with a Nexus® interface.


High performance imaging from the world’s smallest infrared camera. ThermoVision Micron is the world’s smallest thermal imaging camera, yet it delivers performance and features typically found only in larger, more expensive infrared systems. This unique, robust little camera is perfect for stand-alone imaging applications, or as an OEM core where space, weight, and power are constraints and high performance is critical. The tiny Micron sets new standards for ease of integration and offers versatility of placement, low power consumption, low heat load, and long battery life.


Thermal imaging camera for driver vision enhancement. The FLIR Systems PathFindIR is a compact thermal imaging camera that significantly reduces the hazards of night time driving. It enables drivers to see much further, with improved clarity, than with standard headlights. Drivers can detect and monitor pedestrians, animals, or objects on or near the road, allowing more time to react to any potential danger. PathFindIR helps to detect and recognize potential hazards in total darkness, smoke, rain and snow.

ThermoVision® Scout™

Portable IR camera for security and law enforcement. The ultra-compact infrared camera ThermoVision® Scout quickly and accurately locates perpetrators and other potential threats to public safety. Affordable and easy-to-use, the Scout lets you instantly see what’s hidden and documents areas for further evaluation. With its crisp thermal imaging and optional in-field JPEG image storage, the Scout delivers the information needed for evidence collection without compromising officer safety and security.

Security® HD

High-Resolution Thermal and Daylight Camera System for Security Applications. ThermoVision Security HD (S-HD) is a complete day and night security camera system designed for outdoor installation. This extremely compact multi-sensor camera system includes an integrated pan/tilt and plug and play compatibility, and supports legacy interfaces and emerging IP-based standards. In addition, S-HD includes state-of-the-art detectors and image processing technologies.

ThermoVision™ Sentinel™

  • High-sensitivity, long wave thermal imaging sensor
  • Powerful 5/20 degree dual field of view optics
  • Digital Detail Enhancement
  • Powerful daylight/lowlight TV
  • Rugged, sealed enclosure
  • Built-in test (BIT)


A Revolutionary Low Cost, 320×240 UnCooled Security Camera. The SR-19™ is a new, low cost thermal imager with a highly reliable uncooled sensor. It offers a wide field of view, providing excellent situational awareness, and is well suited to legacy network installations with composite video output. The SR-19™ includes FLIR’s advanced image processing technology, delivering excellent contrast regardless of scene dynamics.

ThermoVision® WideEye™

Monitor a Full Panorama, 24/7, With One Single Camera. ThermoVision WideEye is the world’s first networkable 180º thermal imager, providing the ability to monitor large areas with a single camera. The ultra wide field of view offers continuous security coverage, enabling you to detect and locate security threats throughout the entire perimeter.

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